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voiding stereotypes‚ one sitcom at a time

voiding stereotypes‚ one sitcom at a time

Cast of Everything’s Coming Up Ro’ses
Pictured:Ylana Kellar, Angela Scott, Roetta Collins & Cherene Snow. Photo credit: Naida Zukic

Episode 1: “I'll Drink to That.”
A soused and newly single Rose receives a surprise visit from her well meaning sister Lily.

Episode 2 “Barry, Can You Spare Me A Dime?”
Rose’s theatrical agent hands her an unexpected career turn.

Episode 3:“If The Bling Fits, Wear It.”
Rose’s gorgeous neighbor Veronica flaunts her engagement ring.

Episode4: “Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.”
Rose’s mother Jewell railroads into Rose’s apartment with motherly love and a large suitcase.

Episode 5: “You Can Thank Me Later.”
Jewell invites a cab driver into Rose’s apartment in hopes of an impromptu blind date for her daughter.

Episode 6: “There's No Business Like Your Business.”
Rose and Lily bond while Jewell plans for a career change.

Episode 7: “Daze Of Wine and Ro'ses”
Rose finally snaps at Veronica. Meanwhile, Jewell sets up a second blind date for an unsuspecting Rose.


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